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Maxime FITAN
« Our added value is to prevent your organization from any breaches. This is why we anticipate your needs by preparing and perfecting our solutions with the sole aim of making your structure more efficient. »
Maxime FITAN / Support Engineer
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Remote monitoring of the functioning of your solutions

Our new solutions are equipped with a set of “probes” allowing us to send operating alerts in real time and while respecting the safety rules. This device allows the implementation of preventive actions for the sole purpose of avoiding production disruption.

  • Application processes,
  • Communications (LIS, instruments),
  • Back-up,
  • Replication,
  • Infrastructure (Network, processor, disk space).

Automatic import of reference value data from academic societies

Our method verification solution includes the reference values ​​of academic societies. Through scientific monitoring, our service integrates the updating of these reference values. These values ​​can be downloaded directly from your customer area and are directly integrated into your application.

Automatic import of reference value data from academic societies
  • SFBC,
  • RICOS,
  • EFLM,
  • GFHT.

Automatic import of bibliographic data from suppliers

Bibliographic data of suppliers are regularly updated. They can be downloaded from your customer area and directly integrated into your applications.

Already available :

  • ORTHO.

Other suppliers in progress.

Automatic import of Quality Control data

The target values ​​communicated by Quality Control suppliers will be available in your customer area. Download via your customer area to avoid manual re-entry.

  • Targets,
  • Standard deviations,
  • CV%.