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« Ynfectio® is a unique and always innovative epidemiology and hygiene solution that inherits from the experience gained at numerous laboratories and hospitals. Real-time alerts, background noise monitoring, evolution of resistances, automatic reporting (CONSORES / SCIENSANO), statistics, management of nosocomial infections, management of the hygiene staff... are just a few of the key features of Ynfectio® to discover. »
Wendy VAN DER LINDEN / Business Manager BENELUX
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Supervision of events

Supervision of events
  • Visualization of current alerts (BHRe, Phenotype, MDO),
  • Visualization and management of nosocomial infections.
Automatic reporting
  • Real-time detection alerts and reports,
  • Sent by email and encrypted PDF,
  • Subscription of clinicians and prescribers to the various alerts.

Expert system and epidemiological ratio

Expert system and epidemiological ratio
Real-time expertise
  • Multi-criteria rules & associated actions,
  • Detection of clusters (grouped cases, phenotypes),
  • Resistance & phenotype detection,
  • Sensitivity to the techniques used (Antigen, Culture, PCR),
  • Detection of nosocomial infections.
  • Multi-criteria dynamic table,
  • Studies and evolution of resistances (appraised S / I / R, Gross / CMI / DIAM),
  • Search for epidemic flashes by care unit,
  • Prevalence & Integrated Deduplication.

Hygiene & module

Hygiene & module - ECA CHAIN
  • Management of events and contextualization,
  • Monitoring of isolations,
  • Search for contact cases,
  • Detection of incoming patients who were previously carriers,
  • Full management of nosocomial infections,
  • Management of surveys, questionnaire and counting,
  • E.C.A chain principle (Event, contexts, actions),
  • Maintenance of follow-up lists of actions and files.

Architecture inherited from the Yline® technical base

Data security
  • Data encryption,
  • Securization of communication tunnels,
  • Security by Design.
  • Performance guarantee – Megalab management,
  • Optimal availability.
A modular architecture
  • Ease of evolution,
  • Pro-active maintenance,
  • Integration of our different solutions within the same software suite.
Integration into the information system
  • Integration into the global information system,
  • SSO.

Keys numbers

Years of experience in epidemiology
Equipped sites
Specialties: bacteriologist - Infectious disease specialist - Hygienist
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HL7 compatible

Benefits of Ynfectio®

For biologists and infectious disease specialists

BYG4lab Bringvaluetodiagnostics

  • Real time detection system,
  • Early detection – Management of I.A.S presumptions,
  • Automatic constitution of an infection file,
  • Mastery and study of local ecology,
  • Communication with services and clinicians,
  • Standardization of internal procedures,
  • Help with external communication.

BYG4lab Bringvaluetodiagnostics

For E.O.H and hygienists

BYG4lab Bringvaluetodiagnostics

  • Team animation,
  • Contextualization and monitoring of events,
  • Patient care and admissions,
  • Improved response time in the event of a crisis.

BYG4lab Bringvaluetodiagnostics

BYG4lab Bringvaluetodiagnostics