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Nicolas DUMON
« BYG4lab® employs 30 people in the R&D department. This workforce made it possible to initiate major innovations, both technological and functional a few years ago. From this reflection was born Yline®, the new technical base for the new BYG4lab® solutions. »
Nicolas DUMON / R&D Director
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A unique technical base


All of the new products in the BYG4lab solutions® range share a single technical base: Yline®.
The state of the art technology associated with our “security by design” development processes make it possible to offer a very high level of data security.

A technological innovation with added value

Yline® uses the latest generation technology, unique in the medical biology market, which allows business layers to be grouped together on a single technological basis according to the types of disciplines sought.

Yline_ - Une innovation technologique à valeur ajoutée
    • Integration of our different solutions within the same software suite,
    • Securization of data and connections,
    • Performance guarantee: management of large volumes,
    • Open to all infrastructures,
    • Modularity of business components,
    • Integration of micro-services,
    • B.I in the Cloud,
    • Optimal availability: update of versions without stopping production.

The benefits of Yline®

Business modularity

Data security

Suitable for very strong activity

Integration into the global information system