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Christelle LELIEVRE
« BYG4lab®, with its expertise in this field, offers a tool for managing the quality of results in the initial phase and continuously in accordance with the regulatory requirements and recommendations of academic societies. This open application which connects to any LIS or Middleware is adapted to the needs of laboratories in all stages of the analytical process. »
Christelle LELIEVRE / Product Manager
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Performance evaluation in the initial phase

The method validation module offers a complete and integrated solution for carrying out performance evaluations.

Performance evaluation in the initial phase
  • Automatic integration of results through LIS or Middleware connection, file importation or manual entry.
  • Calculation of performance criteria (repeatability, reproducibility, linearity, contamination, comparison of methods, measurement uncertainty, ANOVA test, etc.) and comparison with the acceptability standards of academic societies (SFBC, RICOS, EFLM, preloaded suppliers),
  • Printing of balance sheets integrating tables of values, statistical graphs and calculation details.

Monitoring of the IQC strategy

A group of tools enabling the daily follow-up of the IQC strategy :

qualYnk - Suivi de la stratégie des CIQ
  • Management of compliance criteria,
  • Westgard rules configurable by analysis,
  • Unitary or grouped management of IQC,
  • Clinical impact assessment – Eta comparison,
  • Comparison between instruments – single control card,
  • Moving average: impact analysis following IQC rejection,
  • Moving average: inter-instrument comparison.

Preventive approach / Job review

Assessment of the clinical impact and the anticipation of potential drifts :

Preventive approach / Job review
Trend analyzes - accuracy and precision
  • Intra laboratory,
  • Inter laboratory / peer groups.
Inter instrument comparisons
  • By the IQC,
  • By the patient moving average.
  • Consolidation EEQ laboratories / peer groups,
  • Tracking zscores, Bias%.
Reference values
  • Statistics on patient outcomes,
  • Tables and charts.

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The benefits of qualYnk®

For the laboratory

BYG4lab Bringvaluetodiagnostics

  • Unique and mastered process,
  • Organizational and financial optimization through better control of the IQC strategy (preventive approach, single control card),
  • Saves time, no manual entry for method verification.

BYG4lab Bringvaluetodiagnostics

For industrialists

BYG4lab Bringvaluetodiagnostics

  • Efficiency in the qualification of instruments through a standardized and centralized process,
  • Cost containment.

BYG4lab Bringvaluetodiagnostics

Organizational and economic efficiency

Reliability - Traceability

Harmonization - Centralization of processes

Opening - Multi instrument, LIS, Middleware