PILOT Next Gen
Matthieu MULOT
« The PILOT Next Gen® solution provides the technical platform with all the functional components necessary for the activity of a microbiology laboratory. Multi-LIS, paperless, PILOT Next Gen® remains open to all machines on the market. The rules of expertise and consistency, the flexibility of the workflow settings complete the system and adapt to the organization of the laboratory and the monitoring of daily tasks. »
Matthieu MULOT / Microbiology Director
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A unique system for the entire microbiology activity

pilot_A unique system for the entire microbiology activity
  • Connection of all instruments, all channels,
  • Multi LIS – Muti-site,
  • System of expertise and validation rules,
  • Paperless management,
  • Personalized dashboard,
  • Supervision of additional tasks and techniques,
  • Coherent vision of the anteriorities.

Business expertise

Triggering of technical actions
Appropriate antibiograms
  • Multi-criteria rules & associated actions,
  • Instantiation of additional tasks,
  • User warning,
  • Control of consistency and compliance with the workflow,
  • Detects phenotypes,
  • Adapted antibiograms policy.

Modules dedicated to microbiology

Automation & Chain
  • Complete control of the chains,
  • Differentiated seeding,
  • Task addition (ex: doing an additional test),
  • Triggering of alarms,
  • Unloading instruction / Management of transmitted information,
  • Synchronization of screens between the chain and pYlot®.
  • Manual entry of antibiograms (gross SIR, Expertised SIR, CMI, Diam, ETest),
  • Application of break points,
  • Management of phenotypes,
  • Fusion of solid / liquid antibiograms,
  • Presentation of anteriority to the same microorganism,
  • Technical / partial / biologist validation,
  • Appropriate antibiograms.
Mass spectrometry (PILOT.Maldi)
  • Full management of the process, from projects to validation,
  • Transfer of validated identifications to antibiogram machines and to the LIS.
Patient and anteriority file
  • Multi-criteria search,
  • Direct access by PID, analysis number, sample number (scanner),
  • Presentation of all microbiology results.

Keys numbers

Years of experience in microbiology
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Equipped sites

The benefits of PILOT Next Gen®

For Biologists

BYG4lab Bringvaluetodiagnostics

  • Open system independent from instrument suppliers,
  • Long-lasting solution that accompanies changes,
  • Expert system for all decision and control rules,
  • Supervision of laboratory activity,
  • Adaptation to all types of organization,
  • Optimization of workflow and automatons,
  • High traceability,
  • Simplified training for new employees.

BYG4lab Bringvaluetodiagnostics

For Laboratory Technicians

BYG4lab Bringvaluetodiagnostics

  • Paperless system,
  • Quicker result entry,
  • Reduction / elimination of transcription / entry errors,
  • Automation of certain time-consuming tasks,
  • Configurable screen.

BYG4lab Bringvaluetodiagnostics

Opening - Multi instrument, LIS, Middleware


Organizational and economic efficiency