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Mélanie CAHUC
« Discover pocY®, our Middleware dedicated to POC management. The multiplication of outsourced instruments, the opening to all suppliers and the needs related to their use require a centralized and adapted management tool. pocY® is open and meets these requirements. »
Mélanie CAHUC / Product Support Engineer
liseré BYG4lab

Middleware dedicated to POC instruments

pocY Middleware dédié aux instruments EBMD
  • Compliance with ISO 22870 and ISO 15189,
  • Maintain the agnostic philosophy of the BYG4lab® range regardless of the supplier of POC instruments,
  • Connect a large number of PLCs from different suppliers and centralize all the data,
  • Simplify the installation of POC instruments,
  • Intuitive pocY® user interface. Intended for both laboratories AND healthcare personnel,
  • Perfect integration with nYna®.

Major features

pocY Fonctionnalités Majeures
  • Real-time mapping and control of delocalized instruments,
  • Staff authorization module,
  • Consultation and validation of results centralized on a single interface,
  • Self-creation of requests to the LIS,
  • Full and centralized management of Quality Control,
  • An integrated method validation module.

Architecture inherited from the Yline® technical base

Data security
  • Data encryption,
  • Securization of communication tunnels,
  • Security by Design.
  • Performance guarantee – Megalab management,
  • Optimal availability.
A modular architecture
  • Ease of evolution,
  • Pro-active maintenance,
  • Integration of our different solutions within the same software suite.
Integration into the information system
  • Integration into the global information system,
  • SSO.

Keys numbers

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Independent middleware dedicated to POCT management
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POCT instruments
Years of experience in Data Management

The benefits of pocY®


Mastery of delocalized analysis.

Risk control

Alert management, identity vigilance.

Financial gain

Cost control, piloting efficiency.


Centralization of decentralized biology.