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Nicolas DUMON
« It is essential for laboratory networks to be able to harmonize practices on large structures, guarantee comparability of indicators while maintaining optimal service continuity. It is to respond to these strategic challenges that BYG4lab is launching the 1st Master Data Management in medical biology. »
Nicolas DUMON / R&D Director
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Harmonization of practices

The MDM byBYG® is a software solution accessible in a dedicated and secure WEB space which consolidates all the analysis and instrument settings with all their components.

M.D.M byBYG - Harmonisation des pratiques
  • Mapping of laboratories (platforms, regions, territories, countries),
  • Creation of “catalogs” applicable to instances,
  • Local specificities if necessary,
  • Management of the rights associated with the construction, modification, validation and dissemination of all the constituent elements of MDM.

Mastery of synchronization

A set of functionalities allowing the control of the distribution of information towards the production instances.

M.D.M byBYG - Maîtrise de la synchronisation
  • Controlled distribution of catalogs,
  • Immediate addition of a new instance,
  • Autonomy of the authorities in their operation.
  • Comparability of indicators,
  • No infrastructure required on customer sites,
  • BYG outsourcing possible.

An architecture inherited from the Yline® technical base

Data security
  • Data encryption,
  • Securization of communication tunnels,
  • Security by Design.
  • Performance guarantee – Megalab management,
  • Optimal availability.
A modular architecture
  • Ease of evolution,
  • Pro-active maintenance,
  • Integration of our different solutions within the same software suite.
Integration into the information system
  • Integration into the global information system,
  • SSO.

Keys numbers

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MDM dedicated to medical biology
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The benefits of M.D.M byBYG®

Harmonization of practices

Service continuity

Comparability of indicators

Deployment agility