EVM-IH Logoytpe
« BYG4lab® is recognized for its expertise in the management of the immunohematology bench. EVM-IH® is open to all immunohematology instruments, and incorporates all regulatory and technical specificities associated with this discipline. »
Bienvenu TSANGOUABEKA / Support Manager
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A secured process

Evm IH Un process sécurisé
Identity control
  • Double entry,
  • Trigger of non-conformities.
Secure validation
  • Viewing images,
  • Remote validation,
  • Validation conditioned by the QC.
Full traceability
  • Detail and route of the sample,
  • Analysis detail,
  • Search by patient,
  • Pro-active vigilance.

Immunohematology expertise

Management of rare phenotypes
  • EVM-IH® integrates the configuration of impossible phenotypes and enables alerts to be activated on rare phenotype combinations.
“Back-up” procedure
  • Automatic activation of a procedure with single or double technique in case of unavailability of the connection.
  • Personalized group card,
  • Group notebooks,
  • Report by RAI, Coombs.

Keys numbers

Equipped laboratories
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Immunohematology instruments
Years of experience in Data Management
Languages available

The benefits of E.V.M - IH®


Securing of all the pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical steps.


Centralization on a unique database Multi-LIS multi-site management.


Open to all suppliers of immunohematology instruments.