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« The EVM® software has been designed to ensure all operations relating to the management of the production and the Quality of in-vitro diagnostics laboratories. EVM® manages the data flow of the pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical phases and thus improves the overall efficiency of your laboratory. It is also open to all LIS and controls all instruments regardless of their discipline. »
Eric PLANÇON / Project Manager
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Data Management : open and independent solution

Data Management : open and independent solution

Integration into the information system

EVM Intégration dans le système d’information
  • All connections linked to a single server / unique database,
  • Securing by real-time replication on a backup server,
  • Possible virtualization (VMware / Hyper-V),
  • LIS back-up (order entry, labeling, validation, printing).

EVM® Features

EVM Fonctionnalités EVM®
  • Specific validation Hematology, Immunohematology and other specialties,
  • Powerful rule-based system,
  • Full quality module for the daily management of IQC / EQC / Ext. IQC,
  • Trend analysis,
  • Full accreditation module,
  • Piloting of pre-analytical and full automation systems,
  • Full traceability – pro-active.

Keys numbers

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Benefits of E.V.M®


Sustainability of your technical architecture whatever the analytical choices.


Guarantee the efficiency of your organization.


Tools and indicators to prevent risks associated with Analytical Quality.


Facilitator in the evolution of your organization.