Centralization of information on your personal space

Philippe BOUQUET
« The Customer Area provides you with better visibility on your daily life and increased proximity to our technical teams. This space contributes to a level of premium services. »
Philippe BOUQUET / Customer Service Manager
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Your BYG4lab® Customer Area

This personal space allows you to access a set of documents and services :

  • All of your current or archived Level 1 support tickets,
  • Work orders and SFIL-SIDIV sheets for checking instrument connections,
  • Technical documents associated with your solutions (PRA, PCA, Cartography),
  • Delivery descriptions for versions and other quality documents,
  • Training follow-up (training materials, planning, certificates),
  • Presentation of the BYG4lab solutions® product ranges.
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Through visual highlighting of your data, you can easily learn about all of the actions processed for a specific period.

Customer area